Wednesday, 8 June 2011


All things 90s seem to be the trend of the times. I love these mystical, slightly urban hippy pieces. The remind me of the crystal shops they used to have in every shopping centre in australia when i was growing up. At the front of the shop they would have a big crystal like amathyst open and turned into some kind of water feature. Along the walls would be all different types of stones in order including little cards describing their healing powers. There would be wind chimes hanging and pipe organ music playing.... oh, it takes me back!

All things including the sun and moon and stars fit into this category. These two pieces below are by Alexandra Raphael. Her pieces all include sun and moon motifs and are inspired by Native American legends and the like.

These are the authentic hippy jewellery which she has been perfecting for years, i'm sure there are going to be lots of rip offs of her stuff as this Modern Talisman trend gains momentum. We have already seen the Peace Sign take off and i remember that one big time from when i was 16. There is something really innocent about these motifs which basically bring us back to wanting to believe in something again, even if it is a mystical force.

The clarity and simplicity of this ring makes it modern whilst the material and chunkiness take us right back to the 90s. Watch this space for more 90s inspired jewellery trends.... i wish i hadn't thrown out all my long glass bead necklaces!

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