Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Lots of African tribal jewellery is still around, but its now less in your face and much prettier, delicate and subtle. I know subtle isn't really the word to use, but it is compared with the neck breaking breast plates and massive tribal jewellery of the past seasons. I'm not an expert on jewellery or African tribal dress, but I have definitely seen a lot of fine beadwork being incorporated into the material palette of western fashion jewellery.

Whether it be strands of brightly coloured thread mixed with chunky sem-precious stones or tubular pieces decorated with patterned beads, it it a really fresh look which adds a bit of depth to the influx of high street outfits that we see everywhere.

This necklace here on Phillip Lim's catwalk in Autumn/winter 2011/12 uses wrapping techniques in a heavily stripped down and simple piece. The subtle clues like the splash of bright colour and the tubular construction make reference to this beautiful and ancient style of jewellery design originating in Africa.

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