Friday, 6 May 2011


I love these agressive looking articulating rings. They have a gothic armour feel to them and cover the whole finger.

These have been really popular lately for both men and women. I really feel as though jewellery is becoming more and more unisex. There are loads of rings in Topman that i'm loving right now, they are just too big to wear for a woman. They are really playful and fun and cheap enough to invest in without too much commitment.

Intricately detailed patterns and layered and stacked, these rings are really in your face and verge on being knuckle dusters.

Some of them even include a sharp nail detail. Perfect for a saturday night out in shoreditch!


  1. This is really beautiful rings ,I really love these rings. Thanks for sharing these beautiful rings.
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  2. i made one of these myself, nothing fancy but its really awesome