Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Margeaux Lange, the New York born jewellery designer has done these wicked pieces made from the highly iconic barbie. The elements are abstracted and take on a completely different vibe from their original elements.

The pieces are nostalgic and surreal at the same time.

Both a bit creepy and fun, the details like the rings on these hands jump out and when i look at them i see detail i never really noticed before.

Just like eating meat, I love how Lange has used up all the elements of the Barbie in the different jewellery pieces, making full use of the entire Barbie corpse!

The fantastical pieces when re-contexturalised become barely recognisable as their original parts but form new shapes and pieces inspired by current fashion trends for example, this tribal necklace above made out of Barbie's left and right arms.

And quite literally ear-rings...

Its not the first time i have come across jewellery made from elements of dolls, but definitely one of the nicest executions i have seen... pardon the pun.

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