Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Delicate, spindly jewellery is an important theme at the moment. Fine details and shapes highly contrast with all the chunky massive jewellery also an important trend.

These pieces all feature simplicity and reduction as a key design theme.

This is a bracelet by Goncalo Campos, it is made up of varying sizes of triangles, looking like a wireframe structure. Very architectural. I particularly like the matt black finish which reminds me of raw materials used in building and metal work.

These earrings look as though there is something missing, but simply consists of what most people would regard as just the fixings with the embellishment missing. They are called 'ear wires' and were found on etsy by the seller 'philagree'. I love that it is about what is not there rather than what is there.

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  1. You do realise those "ear wires" were for sale on etsy as supplies and not finished jewellery right?